Room Corner Clock 3 handles, 28 cm diameter

Type R28.1

Time piece for room corner

  • approriate for living space and offices
  • clock face radius 28 cm
  • lacquered design
  • design according to your wishes
  • component construction, clockwork and handle guidance are separate components
  • minute and hour handle actuation works with synchronous clockwork 230V/50Hz
  • seconds handle is driven by an extra synchronized gear motor 24V AC
  • electric supply necessary, 230V/50Hz
  • time adjustmend by hand via knurled screw behind the clock face
  • optional: minute and hour hand drive through radio controlled clockwork (DCF77 signal)

Type R28.1 Sp-LED

in new design, option model like R28.1

  • clock face covered with mirror glass
  • figure illumination with LED’s

Design proposal:
Time piece Type R28. SP-LED-3 , 3-coloured illuminating diode

Type R28.2

On stainless steel support 

  • construction and design as Type R28.1
  • 1-column stainless steel support
  • eye catcher at eye level 
  • positionable anywhere in the room
  • electric supply 230V/50Hz
  • ca. 2mtr cable,  outlet on back side of support, with power plug

Type R28.2 Sp-LED

on stainless steel support 

  • in new design
  • clock face covered with mirror glas
  • figures illuminated with blue LED’s